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Acne prone skin routine

Acne can be a tough nut to crack and it's unfortunately not limited to our teenage years. Directly linked to an imbalance in the skin's microbiome, it requires special care. Restore healthy skin with this 4-step routine.

Step 1: Purifying cleanser

Start by thoroughly washing your face with our Purifying Cleanser, which removes impurities while preserving your skin's natural hydrolipidic film.

How to use: Apply a small amount to dry face and massage gently. Then add a little water, the oil will turn into milk, and massage again. Rinse thoroughly. Pat dry. Use morning and evening.

Step 2: Purifying soap

Use the double-cleansing technique and continue with our purifying soap for deep action. Formulated with hemp oil and nettle powder to eliminate excess sebum and detoxify skin without drying it out.

How to use: Wet your face, work the soap into a lather in your hands, then massage gently. Rinse thoroughly. Use morning and evening.

Step 3: Urban shield facial cream

Protect your skin from external aggressors (blue light, pollution) with our urban shield facial cream. Formulated to reinforce the skin's barrier and prevent imperfections.

How to use: Apply generously to a clean, dry face. Suitable for daily use.

Step 4: Detox complex

Its balanced formula, rich in detoxifying ingredients such as chlorella, green tea and bromelain, works synergistically to purify the liver and rid the skin of impurities, reducing acne, blemishes, and inflammation.

How to use: Take 3 capsules a day, with meals and a glass of water. You can choose the 20-day program, or the 60-day program for lasting results.

Nutrition and well-being tips

• Adopt a balanced diet rich in antioxidants to support your skin's health: turmeric, rosemary, curry, garlic, raspberries, strawberries, tomatoes, goji berries, oilseeds, beans, broccoli, artichokes, peppers, spinach, red tuna, salmon, sardines, green tea, etc.
• Avoid touching your face with your hands to minimize the risk of infection.
• Keep sufficiently hydrated and maintain a regular sleep routine to promote cell regeneration.

Nutrition and well-being tips

photo d'une jeune femme blonde mettant une gélule de complément alimentaire complément botanique dans sa bouche et tenant un verre d'eau à la main

This routine contains:

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