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The happy absence

While we are in the century of permanent availability, let us rediscover the pleasure of disconnection and happy absence.
L'absence heureuse

We are in the era of ultra presence, ultra connection, ultra availability, ultra digital sociability. The brain never disconnects. Silence becomes a luxury, calm a memory, and the other sometimes a torture.

It is good to rediscover the pleasure of absence. The feeling of “no longer being there” without anyone knowing where we are or how to reach us. Disappear even for a few hours. To no longer exist in the eyes of anyone. No more talking. Stop listening. Stop interacting. No more damaging your neck and vertebrae by dint of having your head down, your eyes glued to your smartphone. Surrender to the joy of strolling. Without purpose, without objective, without intention. Walking again and again without money in your pockets, so that the gentle stroll does not turn into an improvised compulsive shopping session. Joining what Baudrillard called “an aesthetic of disappearance” allows you to have new perspectives on the world and on yourself. A more distanced look at the things around us that we thus manage to look at without judgment, without expectation; by becoming a mute witness, a discreet spectator who, freed from the diktats of the useful and the immediate, offers himself a playful and dreamlike wandering allowing him to reconnect with his child's imagination. Closing your eyes in the middle of the street while having fun identifying the first five noises that reach us and then doing the same thing a few streets further on. Count your steps, whistle then stop in front of what we no longer take the time to look at and which nevertheless offers itself to our gaze every day. Get lost, then find your way back to better return to your obligations but relieved, if only for a time, of all pressure and take the pleasure of answering with a relaxed smile: “Somewhere” to those who ask you: “ Where were you ? »

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