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Our philosophy

A quest for the essential

Days of Confidence is an invitation to reconnect with the power and poetry of nature through a range of highly concentrated beauty and wellness products that combine the best organic ingredients: plants, flowers, minerals and trace elements.

It is also a celebration of everything that reconciles us with the best of our humanity: art, culture, sharing. Everything that restores or reinforces our confidence in ourselves, in nature, in others and in a legitimate aspiration to a more frugal and sensible world.

fond en toile marron avec ombres de fleurs

The meaning of conscious beauty


We are dedicated to women who believe in the virtues of botanical science and for whom beauty is not an end in itself, but rather the happy consequence of a set of practices and daily habits that contribute to a good dermatological, physiological and psychological balance and who consider that their well-being and beauty should not harm the environmental health of our planet.

It is for them that we advocate a "global care" approach, ultra-demanding and sustainable, which combines the effectiveness of bio-active skincare with the potency of premium supplements to act both on skin health and general well-being.

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mise en avant produits cosmétique huile apaisante visage days of confidence et compléments alimentaires sérénité pour diminuer le stress et l’anxiété packaging blanc et bleu sur plateforme en pierre avec grenade coupée 3 myrtilles et fleurs séchées

Naturality and efficacy

While always on the lookout for scientific breakthroughs and new molecules, the basis of our formulas is and will remain botanical.

Plants, flowers, minerals and trace elements are an inexhaustible source of benefits for our body in general and our skin in particular. We search the world for the most efficient ones, dose them optimally so that they can truly be effective.

An active ingredient, however attractive, will be useless if it is present in too small a quantity in a formula. We don't believe in miracles, we deliver results.

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mise en avant du produit sérum dynamisant pour le visage days of confidence sur fond beige packaging blanc et jaune et ombre d’une fleur

Restraint and simplicity

Focusing on what is essential. We create short and complementary ranges, simplified routines and multi-purpose products of exemplary quality and effectiveness based on what we consider to be the 6 fundamentals of well-being and beauty: PROTECTION, VITALITY, SERENITY, BALANCE, DETOX AND RADIANCE.

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fond blanc en relief avec crème éclat du teint days of confidence au capuchon rose et deux gelules du complément alimentaire radiance marque beauté et bien etre holistique

Organic sensoriality

We took our time. Time to formulate, test, optimize, then test again by collaborating with artisanal perfumers, until we obtained incredibly melting textures and authentic fragrances allowing you an immersive experience at the heart of nature.

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crème blanche déposée sur fond marron produit de la marque days of confidence texture généreuse onctueuse

A story of Confidence

A meeting, a common vision

Days of Confidence is the result of a meeting between Frédérique Labadie, an experienced marketing executive, Philippe Guillermic, a creative director with a passion for naturopathy, and Nara Nari, a medical doctor, holding a PhD in micronutrition and well-known speaker on the importance of gut health. It is from their common finding that too few brands really inspired them that they decide to create Days of Confidence.

Driven by the same desire to create a brand that was high performing, environmentally friendly, and transparent, they elected a holistic approach combining the best of bio-active skincare with the use of supplements. The choice to set a very high bar on every aspect of their brand (formulation/sustainability/esthetics) was the starting point of this adventure.

After two years of R&D, extremely demanding ingredient sourcing and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes, Days of Confidence was born with the dream of becoming the leading conscious beauty brand in the world.

collage de 4 photos des fondateurs de la marque de beauté et bien etre holistique days of confidence et de leur medecin expert en micronutrition qui teste une crème et sens l’odeur sur sa main et une huile apaisante sur l’avant bras

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