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Supplements for menopause: how to relieve symptoms and improve your well-being ?

Written by: Cristina Rodríguez

Discover how to relieve menopause symptoms and improve your well-being with natural dietary supplements. From detoxification to hormonal regulation, each solution is designed to meet the specific needs of women during this transition period. Let our experts guide you towards a more balanced and fulfilling life.
complements alimentaire menopause : comment reduire les effets de la menopause naturellement ?

Menopause is a natural stage in every woman's life that marks the end of menstrual cycles and reproductive capacity. Generally, doctors explain that menopause usually occurs between the ages of 45 and 55, but each woman is different and will experience it differently. Menopause brings with it various physical and emotional symptoms that can significantly affect the quality of life for women. Hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, sleep problems, and many more can be overwhelming. We explain the symptoms of menopause and their causes here. However, there are natural supplements that can help alleviate and reduce these discomforts and improve overall well-being during this stage.



A. What supplements are essential for menopause?


There are various supplements designed to address the specific symptoms of menopause. These supplements usually contain natural ingredients that help regulate hormones, improve skin health and quality, strengthen bones, and promote emotional health. 


At Days of Confidence, we have developed a selection of essential supplements to help you through this stage of your life. 


Here are some of our must-have supplements for this period:


Detox complex:

If you are suffering from hormonal acne during menopause, our detox complex can be your ally.


  • Benefits : Liver detoxification, skin purification, reduction of bloating, improved digestion.


  • Ingredients : Chlorella for detoxification, schizandra a potent adaptogen that protects the liver, green tea for its antioxidant effect, selenium which prevents acne inflammation, and pineapple extract to improve digestion.


Serenity complex

For those who notice mood swings and sleep problems, serenity complex is designed to provide relief.


  • Bienfaits : relief from stress and anxiety, regulation of cortisol levels, improved sleep and emotional well-being.


  • Ingredients : Ashwagandha KSM 66 to lower cortisol levels and reduce anxiety, saffron to act on depressive symptoms, marine magnesium to improve sleep, vitamin B6 to fix magnesium in cells.


Radiance complex:

If you are concerned about thinner and more fragile skin, radiance complex can help restore firmness and elasticity.


  • Benefits : Improved firmness and elasticity of the skin, reduction of dryness and wrinkles.


  • Ingredients : Omega-3 from microalgae to restore skin firmness, milk thistle to deeply hydrate the dermis, antioxidant grape seed extract to reduce redness.


Immunity complex:

Your answer to decreased bone density and intestinal disorders is immunity complex.


  • Benefits : Strengthening of bones, improvement of intestinal health, anti-inflammatory action.


  • Ingredients : Vitamin D3 and K2 to strengthen bones, glutamine and arginine to improve the intestinal barrier, and chameleon plant to reduce inflammation in your body.


Vitality complex:

To feel energetic and maintain healthy, shiny hair, vitality complex is ideal.


  • Benefits : Stimulation of hair growth, strengthening of keratin, reduction of hair loss.


  • Ingredients : Complex of methylated B vitamins to promote the growth of strong, dense hair, Siberian rhodiola to stop hair loss due to stress, and rosehip for its high vitamin C content that restores shine to your hair.



B. Ingredients to help relieve menopause


Each of our supplements contains a unique blend of natural ingredients whose effectiveness has been tested and proven by Dr. Nara Nairi, our expert in micronutrition. 


Here we explore some of our active ingredients and their benefits:


  1. Organic chlorella (detox complex) : Chlorella is a microalga rich in chlorophyll and essential nutrients that helps detoxify the body. During menopause, this detoxification is crucial as hormonal imbalance can cause acne and other skin problems. Additionally, chlorella improves digestion and reduces bloating. You can find it in our detox complex, perfect if you are suffering from skin problems and need to purify your body from the inside.

  2. Ashwagandha (serenity complex) : Ashwagandha, especially in its patented form KSM-66, is a powerful adaptogen known for its properties to reduce stress and anxiety. It helps regulate cortisol levels, promoting a state of calm and improving sleep quality, which is vital during perimenopause. Our serenity complex contains 14.46% ashwagandha, an ideal amount to ensure its effectiveness.

  3. Omega 3 (radiance complex) : Omega 3 fatty acids are essential for maintaining skin health, making it firmer and more elastic. These nutrients combat dryness and wrinkles, one of the most common problems during menopause due to decreased estrogen levels during this stage. The radiance complex supplement contains an Omega 3 complex based on microalgae, perfect for hydrating the skin from within.

  4. Vitamin D3 and K2 (immunity complex) : Vitamin D3 and K2 are essential for bone health. Decreased estrogen during menopause can reduce bone density and increase the risk of osteoporosis. These vitamins help strengthen bones and improve intestinal health. If you feel this is your case, we recommend incorporating the immunity complex into your diet. After a few doses, you will notice how your bones feel stronger and there is less inflammation in your body.

  5. Biotin and B Vitamin Complex (vitality complex) : Biotin and B vitamins are crucial for hair health. During menopause, hormonal changes can weaken hair and make it more prone to falling out. These nutrients that you can find in our vitality complex help strengthen keratin and stimulate hair growth, keeping it healthy and shiny.



Menopause can be a stage of many changes, but with the right supplements, you can control the symptoms and feel better. Our line of natural supplements is a starting point to take control of the physical and emotional changes that this stage in a woman's life brings.


Remember, you are not alone. There are many tools available to help you feel good and fully enjoy this stage of your life, and that is what we want to offer you through Days of Confidence: an ally to help you through the different phases of menopause (before, during, and after), accompanied by tools, but above all, experts in the field. 


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